What it really feels like to move in with your partner

Hey guys 🙂

So a few months ago I moved in to my own flat with my fiancé, a few days after I started to write this blog:

So, at 21 years old I have managed to complete my degree in Psychology, find a full time job, get engaged and move out of my parents’ house. It’s been a hell of a rollercoaster but I am here. I have achieved so many personal goals – so I should be fulfilled and overjoyed right? HELL TO THE NO.

Needless to say, the blog was not about to be a positive one. I have had to cook, clean and learn to be more frugal – not just for myself, but for my partner too! The estate agents had drained me of any and all excitement about moving, so I was tired too. However, now I have had a bit more time to settle in – IT’S STILL HARD, DON’T DO IT. STAY HOME.

I joke, it is hard and I do miss home comforts – but making a life with my best friend has been amazing. Day-by-day we are creating our unique routine and we are continuously learning – it’s quite cute. Personally, as a bit of a wimp, I know it would be ridiculously difficult without him. For security reasons, emotionally and as literal security I would recommend moving in with somebody else at first – even just to make that first transition from living with a family to living alone.

All in all, three months in, moving out was probably one of the best decisions of my life. I am so happy with my place, my life and where I am going. I will let you all know if I still feel this way in a year! Feel free to email me if you want any specific advice.

Thanks for reading,

Cheresa x

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