My favourite high-end foundations

Hey guys 🙂

I LOVE MAKE-UP. I watch endless YouTube make up tutorials, my face lights up when someone brings it up in conversation and so, my make-up collection is somewhat out of control. I know what you’re thinking, ‘shock, the girl with the pretty blogs loves make-up’  but I find it quite difficult sometimes finding straight forward (non-sponsored) advice for women of colour in the UK on the web, so I am making my own! And I thought it was only right to write a blog about (in my opinion) the most important make-up item: foundation.

Disclaimer: I have oily skin and I am not an expert!


  1. God I love Nars!

The Nars all day luminous weightless foundation and I have an amazing history, we locked eyes by accident and since then it was love at first application. The colour range from Nars for me is PERFECT, it does not run too red or warm like a lot of darker foundations and it sits on my skin like a dream that lasts all day. The only thing is, even though I set my make-up like a crazy person, it can look quite greasy a few hours in. However, overall it is for sure my Holy Grail foundation.


  1. Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra 24H

I am going to level with you, I hated this product until I kept getting compliments on my complexion from my co-workers (I know, I’m weak!). After that, I started noticing how long lasting and glowy this product is, like the Nars foundation it is full coverage which is great because I do not have to waste time colour correcting. I think I might actually be levitating more to this product than Nars on most days, but as summer is on the way – be weary, this foundation is quite heavy!


  1. Good ol’ MAC

The MAC Studio Sculpt foundation was one of my first luxury make-up buys, so this may make me somewhat bias, but I do truly love it. MAC is usually either amazing or meh, when it comes to colour choice, and this foundation is a definite hit. It is long lasting, but really heavy and transfers on to clothes really easily – on the plus side it comes with an SPF of 15, so if you are into your skin care this might be for you.



  1. Urban Decay

The Naked Skin Ultra Definition Powder Foundation is what I use to set my contour/bronze my skin, so it was another surprise love. It is so weightless, so finely milled so high in coverage that I just had to add it into my favourites. It’s just because it is a powder that it did not rank higher for me personally, but I do intend on using it as an under eye highlight setting powder – so I will let you know how that goes.:)

Let me know what foundations you have tried and loved, I am a fan of the Bobbi Brown liquid foundation. Hater of the new Giorgio Armani and Marc Jacobs foundations, let me know if I should do a blog on why that is.


Thanks for reading!



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