Cheresa’s Cosmetics Has Officially Launched! 

Hello everybody,

I apologise in advance about the profuse amount of explanation marks I am about to use in this post.

I doubt I have ever been this excited to write a blog post! I cannot believe the words I am about to type… My cosmetics line is officially out!

YAY-MEMEYou can find all the products on this site starting with my full set of face brushes (from foundation, eyeshadow and contouring brushes- this set has it all!) The next products to launch will be a range of liquid lipsticks, a variety of brushes, blushes and more. Each product will be a labour of love and nothing I sell will be low quality.

Now, about the brand I want to build. I think any makeup lover knows the power makeup holds. It can give you confidence, a new look, a fresher face or just some fun. Therefore, I strive to produce products that make you feel however you want to feel, that are an expression of individuality and beauty. It is also important that my brand stays personable and small, I will take this blog every step of the way on this cosmetics journey so you know what you are getting with each product and who is behind the line.

I really hope you enjoy all that I have in-store (pun intended).

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As always, thanks for reading



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