5 Tips to Plan Your First Holiday!

Hi Guys,

I hope you are all enjoying this summer, this year will be a particularly exciting one for me. Apart from starting up my own cosmetics line, I also planned a surprise holiday for me and my husband to be. I thought to myself how romantic, to plan to whisk away someone for a week. By the time I actually bought the tickets, I was over the idea! It was a great deal of stress, but I thought I would provide some tips for anyone else out there planning to go on holiday for the first time without their family.

  1. If it is a long trip be sure to book the tickets well in advance. Not only would it be cheaper, it allows you time to make sure all is in order (like making sure your partner has a in-date passport!)
  2. Try to find something that is all-inclusive. Making sure that breakfast, flights, the hotel and a shuttle to and from the airport is included can save money and mean less stress.
  3. Shop around online! There are so many deals out there, it can be really time consuming finding the right one for you so ask friends and family for advice on how they usually book their holidays. I booked with Thompson but lastminute.com had great deals too.
  4. SET A BUDGET. I went in head first without knowing how much I actually wanted to spend, which meant my searches were too broad. Figure out where you want to go and for how much and it will save you SO much time.
  5. Finally, have fun! It is genuinely quite an exciting experience so try  not to get bogged down with the lists and calculator and remember that you are planning a great adventure!

I hope these quick tips helps, feel free to ask any further questions

As usual, thanks for reading


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