Five issues girls with big boobs will know

Hi guys!

Firstly, thank you so much for the overwhelming support I received for my new cosmetics line! It’s been such an exciting journey and I’m so please everyone who has tried the products loves them as much as I do. I have a lot more surprises to come with the line so be sure to subscribe to this blog and follow us on social media for flash sales and giveaways.

Now! To this blog, my name is Cheresa Dawkins and I have large boobs. They are very much in your face no matter what I wear and at least once a week I get a comment about them (especially in the summer!) I personally have grown to love them, I can style my outfits around them and I can ignore a cat-caller like a pro, but there are massive downsides to having large breasts.


Long gone are the days where I can pop into my local Primark or a cheap clothes store and pick up a bra for under £10. NOWHERE SELLS MY SIZE apart from online boutiques and M&S, which means I can’t find anything for less than £30. Which is particularly terrible as I go through bras like bars of chocolate :(. So please excuse me when I am on the train re-positioning my junk to fit into last year’s worn out brassier.

  1. The awkward comments I get from strangers, co-workers and even my grandma!

Yes, I know they are big, no they are not fake and no I am not looking for attention wearing a vest-top in 30 degree weather!

  1. Back-pain *weeps*

Until a few months ago, I thought boob related back-pain was for middle aged women who have had tonnes of kids and did not exercise – I WAS A FOOL! It can strike at any time and lord have mercy is it excruciating

  1. Say goodbye to wearing shirts

I have lost so many buttons to shirts (RIP) because they do not fit my chest properly, which means I either have to buy a size 26 shirt or just put a vest top underneath (please see back to issue 2). In fact, that goes for all clothing that has to fit over my chest.

  1. Knowing there’s no point even attempting to wear a strapless bra

They are too heavy – it won’t work

So guys, there are the top 5 problems we big chested women face! Even though there are negative, I do love my body and this is all said in jest 🙂

Thanks for reading


Cheresa x

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