5 Ways to Keep a Relationship Strong

Hi Guys!

Today’s blog is inspired by my fiancé Sam; we were talking this morning and he suggested I write a blog on ‘tips to keep your man happy’ – but I thought that could come across hella misogynistic/submissive so I compromised with this title! If you want to know how I keep my relationship going with a crazy 22 year old boy, keep reading 🙂

Tip 1

Communication –  this is like 101 on every list to keep a relationship, but I find that as life gets busier and people grow, it is so important to keep loved ones in the loop because it is so easy to drift. Especially in an argument, it can be detrimental to keep your true feelings to yourself as this can grow into resentment and cause bigger issues in the future. I personally have two settings when I am in my feelings, I will either explode and tell you every little thing I think about you, or I go dead silent. I know that this is not productive, but I sometimes cannot help it – but the only way to fix any argument or problem is to talk it through rationally.

Tip 2

SHOW YOU LOVE THE PERSON ALL THE TIME – Even the most manly men or the most feminist of feminists love to be loved, I legit cannot fall asleep without telling Sam I love him and hearing him say it back, it is just the best way to end any night. Again, when there is so many things happening around you, knowing you have someone who loves you is so important as it can keep you grounded when you feel like your drowning.

Tip 3

Compromise – Okay, I am at home more than my partner because of the hours I work which means I do the bulk of the housework and at first that was so annoying so now he tries to pull his weight around the house (and not leave his clothes on our kitchen chairs!). We also always try to see each others issues from the other persons prospective and work out ways to make sure everyone feels like they are ‘winning’ in an argument.

Tip 4

Always be your true self – One thing that makes this relationship incredible for us is just how comfortable we have always been around each other. Since university when we met, we found conversation, hanging out doing nothing and sleeping our favourite activities, everything just really feels super easy. Life can get extremely stressful and sometimes a relationship will have rough patches, but the majority of your time together should be natural, fun and as easy as breathing. If it gets to a time where things do not seem like that, you should take a moment to re-remember and strip things back to the beginning when everything was simple.

Tip 5- Do nice things! You do not have to be the most romantic person in the world or have a lot of money to do little nice things to remind your partner you care. Keep things alive by going on spontaneous trips, write cute notes/texts etc, just keep things fun!

Right, I hope this helps – let me know if you have any questions just email me at info@cheresadawkins.com

As always, thanks for reading



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