GUEST BLOG: Everyday favourite makeup routine

Hi guys,

Today’s blog is by the lovely Elaine, I hope you love it as much as I did! 

“Everyone has a favourite makeup routine either big bold eyelashes or a bold red lip. I am totally into the whole glammed makeup look. If your eyeliner is sharper then a line using a ruler, you have reached goals. A good hack that I always use to make sure my eyeliner is always on fleek is using tape on the sides of my eyes. I always carry a small makeup bag, with everyday essentials. An everyday essential I always use is eyeliner and false lashes. This look can be dramatic or subtle dependent on how bold you go. 

My favourite eyelash product would have to be false eyelashes because they make any makeup look, stand out and they give you the extra glamorous look, that’s why it’s in my favourite makeup routine. 

Lip gloss NK

This is my favourite lip gloss because it leaves your lips with a beautiful shine, I always carry it in my bag to go. This lip gloss can suit any ethical background. My favourite lip liner would be cameo in a cocoa colour. It’s a good everyday lip colour because its neutral and it’s really moisturising.

My holy grail eyeliner is rapsodi dipliner because it has a thicker band which I love, this eyeliner is great if you want that bold liner that Amy Winehouse wears. This eyeliner always makes me feel like an Egyptian goddess.

Now it’s summer I always use the makeup revolution baked bronzer for the summer and beach glow, which we don’t have much sun in the UK. Then I use clinque skin corrector for the dark spots and uneven tones on my skin. I always use the Sunkissed makeup palette for a golden Smokey eye. I love using the makeup for ever full coverage concealer because it covers everything on my face. I always highlight my cheeks with the makeup revolution baked bronzer which makes feel like a golden queen. This is my everyday favourite makeup routine, what is your holy grail product that you can’t live without? These are the products I have listed that I use everyday

– Makeup for ever full coverage concealer

– NK Lip gloss

– Clinque Skin Corrector

– Girls with Attitude Double fake eyelashes & Eylure lashes layered  

– Make revolution baked bronzer

– Cameo Lip liner shade Cocoa

– Rapsodi eyeliner

– Sunkissed makeup palette”

Thanks for reading!


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