GUEST BLOG: Review on Nivea Micellar Water

Hi guys!

I hope you’ve had a good week, today is my birthday so I’m probably in Spain while you are reading this but it’s a great read by the beautiful Destiney Francis, show it some love ❤️.

“Hi my name is Destiney and today I am going to review my favourite make-up remover. So many positive aspects about this product swarm to my head as I write this. The Nivea Micellar Water is great; they have this in 3 forms: for sensitive, dry and normal skin.

To use this product I simply pour a few drops onto a cotton pad and use it to take off my make up. It has the consistency of water meaning it is so gentle yet so effective at removing even the most stubborn of make up products.

It’s great because it lasts a long time, only using few drops at a time but is still compact enough to be travel friendly. It has a subtle scent of a mild soap. It’s easy to use as you don’t have to wash off any of the product like you have to do with facial washes and scrubs, which after a long day or evening out you really can’t be bothered to do. Say goodbye to that sore stinging sensation that other products leave. With the Nivea Micellar Water the makeup effortlessly and smoothly comes off, no scrubbing necessary.

The product doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry and stripped or oily despite me having oily skin but leaves my skin feeling clean, fresh and soothed. One negative however, is the next morning I do find that my skin is a little bit oily.

Another negative aspect of the product is that when it comes to removing mascara you do have to rub a bit harder, going over your eyelashes a few times to get all the residue off.”

After that review I think I’m going to need to pop to Boots!

Thanks for reading and thank you Destiney for the review

Cheresa X

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