Current contour routine

Hi guys!

I hope you are all well and you have enjoyed the guest blogs I’ve posted, if you missed them – open a new tab and check them out now. While you’re at it, you might as well look through my cosmetics range too!

Anyway, my name is Cheresa and I have a contouring addiction. It has come to the point where if I am applying makeup, I will be in front of my mirror for a minimum of 20mins. I am not a quick routine kind of girl, if I am wearing foundation, my mind cannot fathom not highlighting and contouring. A few blogs back I spoke about my favourite tools I use to highlight, this time I’ll talk you through how to slay a contour!  Be warned, it is quite a high maintenance routine.

To cut my cheek and jawline and bronze around my forehead I draw lines against the areas with my Bobbi Brown foundation stick in Expresso. It blends out so beautifully, the colour range is amazing and it lasts all day. I really am obsessed with this product, although it is a little expensive, it has transformed my makeup game.

Then I have to set all the areas I have contoured with a powder – my powder of choice is of course the Urban Decay Naked Skin Powder foundation in Dark Warm. I love it for a strong contour with the Nars ITA brush or a subtle bronze with a bigger/fluffy brush. Finally I mirror contour to clean the look up with a translucent or banana powder!


I hope you enjoyed this blog, let me know what your favourite products are to contour with.

As always, thanks for reading,

Cheresa x

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