Guest Blog: 6 Ways To Save While You Spend

Hello everyone!

It’s time for another guest blog by Elaine, this time packed with tips on how to save. Let us know you enjoyed it by liking and sharing 🙂

Hi its Elaine,

Are you the type of person who spends until they drop? Or are you that savvy saver who always finds a good bargain? Have you ever got a fright at the checkout when you realise just how much stuff you picked out? We have all been through that situation but I am here to help and save you some pounds.

Step One: Always Budget!

One of the most important keys for saving is always budgeting your money and making sure you don’t go over the price you wanted. A tip would be to have a note pad and to write down the list of things you want and write a price on how much you want to spend. Budget your money by only spending half the amount of money you normally spend.

Step Two: Bargains and discounts and compare

Always compare prices in different shops because you might find a cheaper product elsewhere. There’s also websites that compare prices for you on the internet.  

Step Three: Stick to the shopping list

Everyone has a habit of buying things that are not on the shopping list but you must always write a shopping list so you buy the things you need and not whatever you are distracted by. 

Step Four: Give yourself goals

Give yourself goals on spending less money or not to go over the budget. It’s not just good for your bank account but it also can bring happiness and pride when you have succeeded your goals. I challenge you while your shopping to buy everything which is on the shopping list for a month. If you don’t succeed your goal don’t sweat it, try again.

Step Five: Save up

We’ve all been through that stage where we saw some pair of trainers but couldn’t afford it. Make it your destiny to put some money away every week until you can afford it.  

Step 6: Never shop while you’re hungry

It sounds silly but you’re more likely to buy more things in the shop when you are hungrier. Always make sure to eat before shopping.

Let’s start the savvy way of saving, thank you for reading x

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