GUEST POST: Three Common Beauty Trends that need to go!

Hello everyone!

Elaine is back with a beauty blog, it’s really funny and is meant to be light hearted so enjoy and do not take it too seriously!

“This new blog is about five common beauty trends that need go! Beauty trends are so popular nowadays that anyone can try it.  We’ve all gone overboard with some beauty hacks. Some beauty trends just need to go and just disappear into outer space for eternity!

The Infamous Slug Brow

Like Marmite, you either love it or hate it – the amazing slug eyebrows. It is a common mistake that people do but it just needs go. Your eyebrows frame your face and I just feel like the slug eyebrows destroy your face.  Some other people like it and I guess everyone has different styles.


The over highlighted cheekbones

There’s nothing wrong with a highlighted glow but a lot of people take it over board. You end up looking like a glitter ball. Too much of anything isn’t good for you, so too much highlight isn’t a good look.

Over Drawn lips


Over drawing your lips does not work for everyone, it needs to go. Have you ever posted a picture on social media and then you realise your lips look like #DuckInspired? I have. Kylie Jenner has restarted the trend of over drawn lips but the trend has been around since the 1920’s, females have adored the full glam pout look. Clara Bow and Pamala Anderson are some of many icons that go for an over drawn lip, BUT IT NEEDS TO END NOW! WE HAVE GONE TOO FAR!

“Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside” Chanel

Thanks for reading, so what’s your beauty trend you don’t like? xx”

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