Disappointing over-hyped products review

Hi guys!
It’s been a little while! I hope you are all well and have enjoyed the first month of January, I hope it’s set a good tone for the rest of the year. This month I will aim to do a blog a day! It’s beauty month here on this blog so expect reviews, tutorials and more on skincare, makeup and pamper products. 

I am kick starting the month with a review on some items I picked up recently that really let me down! I was looking forward to them and budgeted accordingly to pick up these pricey items, but they just were not up to scratch unfortunately. 
Diptyque Paris Candles

I have been a bit of a candle junkie recently, I love filling my home with gorgeous scents and I thought I would treat myself to the candle every blogger/vlogger seems to own – a Diptyque candle. The amount this product was raved about, I thought there was no way it would be a waste of money! But it was. I lite it, excited, waiting… and nothing. I CAN’T SMELL IT! I have to use other candles when I burn it to make up for the lack of scent, but I guess it looks fancy *rolls eyes*. 
This Works Sleep Plus Pillow Spray

If you look online there are reams and reams of excellent reviews on this products – and yes I was drawn in my the name of the company okay, I admit it. Every night I wake up at least twice for no good reason, I have disturbed sleep so I’ve been looking for a natural solution to help remedy this. I came across this product, a magical elixir that you spray on your pillow and all of a sudden you can sleep right through the night! Wrong. Lies! False! I wake up just as much and my hair just ends up smelling like a concoction The Charmed Ones created. 

So there it is people, stick to Yankee candles from Asda and vodka to knock you out till morning! 
I hope you enjoyed, see you tomorrow x

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