GUEST BLOG: Top Five beauty tips on your first date

Hey guys!

Here’s another guest blog by the wonderfully talented Elaine! Enjoy…

I am back with a new blog post and today it’s all about beauty tips on a first date. We’ve all been through that struggle of wondering what makeup look to rock on a first date, so here is some advice!

Tip number #1


The bold red lip

The bold red lip is a bold statement which has proven to attract males. It also shows your personality and confidence. Just be careful to not get any on your teeth!

Tip number #2


Smokey eye shadow

A well blended smokey eye draws attention and drama to your eyes and it will also make your eye colour pop. Use an off-white eyeliner in your water line to enlarge your eyeball.

Tip number #3

Natural makeup is cool too

I know we are all tempted to look our best and go all full out. With natural makeup, your date can see more of you and your inner beauty. A lot of guys prefer girls with less makeup on. Especially if your date is wearing a white top! Guys hate getting makeup on their white clothes.

Tip number #4

Lush lips

There’s nothing worse than going into kissing your date and your lips are looking crusty and dry. Be honest with yourself, would you kiss someone who had dry, crackling lips. I guess not, so always carry lip balm. If you do find yourself with dry lips, you can exfoliate with a lip scrubber or you can use a toothbrush and natural sugar and honey to exfoliate.

Tip number #5

Bad breath is a no no

Major turn off for anyone on a date is bad breath. The things you can do to get rid of it is having a daily hygiene routine, flossing and using a tongue scrapper and mouthwash. If you do find yourself having bad breath on your date, take some gum with you or drink some water if your mouth is feeling dry. You can bring a little hygiene kit full of your essentials floss, toothbrush, toothpaste, bottle of water and a mini mouthwash bottle. You can excuse yourself and go to the bathroom to fix your breath.
Thank you for reading, I hope these tips have helped on your date. Comment down below if you guys have used any of these tips. xxx

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