Guest Post: Emma Watson Opens New Instagram Eco-Friendly Fashion Account

Nowadays, celebrities are extremely active on social media. It has become a part of their job description. You can easily find them on various sites like Facebook, Twitter and snapchat. One of those celebrities on social media is a very talented British actress, Emma Watson. The beautiful Beauty and the Beast star created a brand-new Instagram account called “The Press Tour” on which she plans to promote eco-friendly fashion. As you probably already know, Emma is one of the few actresses and celebrities who is willing to tackle serious problems of our modern society. The gifted actress has been fighting important issues such as gender inequality and she’s been a feminist campaigner for years now. Emma is currently on a world tour during which she’ll promote her new movie, Beauty and the Beast, but that’s not the only thing this young lady will be promoting. During this tour, she will wear many eco-friendly fashion items created by respected designers such as Louis Vuitton, for example.

The very first stop on her tour was Paris where the young actress visited the first public screening of Beauty and the Beast wearing an Oscar de La Renta outfit which was made in Italy using only organic silk. Emma also posted a photo where she’s wearing a lovely elegant coat made by Stella McCartney. This famous fashion house is known for not using any leather, fur or feathers in its clothing. They promote sustainable fashion by using only regenerated and recycled materials.

This is not the first time that Emma Watson brought this issue to the public eye. She did the exact same thing during the promotion of her 2015 film “Regression” when she wore dresses by different fashion designers at each different event. All of the outfits were ethical and eco-friendly. However, this time the lovely actress used social media to promote her noble cause and she made a pretty big splash by creating a super popular Instagram account which already has around 350k followers. Pretty impressive, wouldn’t you agree?

Believe it or not, opening a new account and posting photos is not all Emma does on this campaign. In each of her photo captions, the star of the legendary Harry Potter franchise highlights and credits each and every piece of clothing she’s wears, stating that all the outfits are made by brands and designers that promote sustainable, eco-friendly fashion. Classy move, Emma!

Stefan Simonovic 

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