Cheresa’s Cosmetics is a small London based makeup and cosmetics company. We strive to create great quality products that will suit all skin tones. With skincare infused products and a passion for the art of makeup we know you will love our line.

Alongside our cosmetics line, we produce helpful makeup and lifestyle blogs twice a week so be sure to check those out.

•    Philosophy: To empower women through words of advice and to inspire creativity with world-class products

•    Code of ethics: We are determined to always put out the best products in our power; our priority is to help people, not to make a profit. We also believe in creating a customer service experience that is second to none.

For our range of liquid lipsticks, please click here

For our range of makeup brushes, please click here





Any queries, feel free to email us at 





8 thoughts on “Cheresa’s Cosmetics

  1. Anonymous says:

    They’re visually attractive and blend in my makeup so easily; I’d definitely recommend this product to everyone who is interested in getting stunning finishes.

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